Tyrells Baptist Church

Resident Elder

Pastor Ivor J. Walker was ordained to the pastoral ministry on December 31, 1990. He is a career military officer in the Antigua & Barbuda Defense Force with the rank of Lt. Colonel. He is a graduate of the Canadian Land Forces Staff College. He and his wife, Janet, have one daughter, Ariadne.


The Tyrells Baptist Church exists for the purpose of glorifying our God with specific reference to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). The Great Commandment challenges us to love God and our fellowman. The Great Commission challenges us to evangelism, bringing people into right relationship with the Son of God; to covenant community, bringing people into a right relationship with the church of God; and to discipleship, bringing people into a right relationship with the Word of God.

Eldership and Affiliation

The Tyrells Baptist Church shares a common Eldership with the Baptist Circuit of Churches of the East Caribbean Baptist Mission, of which it is a member congregation. The elders are Pastor Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas (Presiding), Pastor Ivor J. Walker, and Pastor Orvin D.E. Paige. The Tyrells Baptist Church is historically Southern Baptist in faith and practice.


The Tyrells Baptist Church was officially constituted on November 29th, 1992 under the leadership of Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas. It started as a mission planted out of 27 charter members transferring from the membership of the Central Baptist Church. The ECBM purchased land on the Tyrells Main Road and constructed the chapel that is currently used for worship. The church has grown over the years to be a well-known lighthouse of the Gospel of Christ in the wider community of St. Paul’s.


The church is located between Builders Merchant Store and Mr. Plywood Lumber & Hardware Store on the way to Liberta on the Tyrells Main Road.

Tyrells Baptist Church

Contact Information

  • Telephones:
  • 268-460-3557 (Church Office) or
  • 268-462-2894 (ECBM Office)
  • Mailing Address:
  • P.O. Box 2678, St. John’s,Antigua & Barbuda
  • E-Mail: tyrells@baptistantigua.org


New Sermon

Divine GuardianshipJohn 17:11-12
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Weekly Schedule

09:00 a.m. Sunday School
10:00 a.m. Congregational Morning Worship
06:00 p.m. Congregational Evening Worship
07:00 p.m. Sunday School
06:30 p.m. Elders &/or Deacons Meeting
07:00 p.m. Congregational Prayer Service
08:00 p.m. Fellowship Groups Bible Study or Congregational Stewardship Meeting

Weekly Schedule

07:00 p.m. Intercessory Prayer Group
06:30 p.m. Acteens Club/Royal Ambassador‚s Club
05:00 p.m. Music Ministry Rehearsal

Calendar Highlights

First Stewardship Meeting
October 8, 2014
Baptist Academy 23rd Anniversary Service
October 19, 2014
Circuit Memory Verse Competition
November 19, 2014
ECBM Leadership Dinner
November 29, 2014

Calendar Highlights

Harvest Sunday for Circuit & Anniversary for Central & Tyrells
November 30, 2014
Harvest Evangelistic Meetings
November 30 – December 3, 2014
Open Air Meeting
December 5, 2014
Sunday School Christmas Programme & Treat
December 21, 2014
Watch-Night Joint Service
December 31, 2014
Presiding Elder’s Appreciation Dinner
January 17, 2015
Presiding Elder’s 29th Anniversary Service
January 18, 2015
ECBM Marriage Forum
February 28, 2015
Good Friday Fellowship
April 3, 2015

Calendar Highlights

Easter Sunday (Circuit) & Anniversary Service (Covenant)
April 5, 2015
Open Air Meeting
April 6, 2015
23rd Caribbean Baptist Heritage Conference
July 5-8, 2015 (Tortola, BVI)
Acteens Camp
July 27-31, 2015
Royal Ambassador Camp
August 3-7, 2015
Children's Summer Day Camp
August 10-14, 2015

Dancing With Idolatry

dancing with idolatry front cover

The book by Dr. Hensworth W.C. Jonas. DANCING WITH IDOLATRY: Are you bowing to a false god? (Xulon Press)

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