Secondary School



  • Mrs. Karen Wehner, B.A. – Teacher
    (CXC Mathematics and A-Beka Mathematics),Form Teacher (Form 4)
  • Mr. Ian Blair, Dip.Tech. – Teacher
    (CXC Chemistry and Biology), Form Teacher (Form 5)
  • Mr. Joshua Jonas, B.A. – Teacher
    (Bible), Tutor (A-Beka Economics and Science)
  • Ms. Pamela Browman, B.A., Dip.Ed. – Teacher
    (CXC English A & B, A-Beka English), Form Teacher (Form 2)
  • Ms. Loroma Joseph, B.Sc., M.Sc. – Teacher
    (Caribbean History, A-Beka History & A-Beka Science), Form Teacher (Pre-College/Grade 12)
  • Mr. Rolando Lewis: Teacher
    (Bible and Spanish), Tutor (A-Beka Spanish), Form Teacher (Form 3)


  • Mr. Earl Skerritt, B.Sc., M.A. – Teacher (Physics)
  • Mrs. Karlene Benjamin, B.Sc. – Teacher
    (Principles of Accounts, Office Administration & Electronic Document Preparation and Management)
  • Ms. Greschen Edwards, B.A. – Teacher
    (Principles of Business, Economics and Office Administration)
  • Mrs. Andrea Andrew, B.Sc. – Teacher
    (Information Technology & Electronic Document Preparation & Management)
  • Mrs. Juliana Betances, B.A. – Teacher (Spanish)
  • Mrs. Hilary Joseph, B.A. – Teacher (Social Studies)
  • Mrs. Charmaine Nickeo – Teacher (Music—Steel Pan)


The secondary programme caters for students from Grades 7 – 12 (Form 1 to Pre-College), especially, but not necessarily, those who are preparing to meet the requirements of Christian universities and colleges. Students are not only challenged to excel academically, but also to commit their lives to Christ and pursue personal holiness. Our aim is to build Christian character in all of our students.


The programme follows the A-Beka and CSEC (CXC) curricula culminating in a High School Diploma. In the Pre-College year (Grade 12), students take the American College Test (ACT) and/or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Upon graduating, students must have attained passes in at least five (5) CXC subjects at the General Proficiency Level, Mathematics and English-A inclusive. Currently, eleven (11) subjects are offered at CXC: Mathematics, English-A, English-B, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Caribbean History, Information Technology, Principles of Business and Principles of Accounts.

Bible is taught at every level. Students make a detailed study of topics such as Life of Christ, Kings of Israel and Life Management. A variety of additional subjects are offered as electives in the A-Beka curriculum.


Daily classes for A Beka subjects are delivered via video with the master teachers of A Beka Academy of Pensacola, Florida. However, there is a tutor present for each lesson to address the needs of each student. Local staff teaches CXC subjects. Classes are limited to twenty (20) students each. Therefore, students will benefit from one-on-one attention.


Although the school follows the semester system for academic purposes, fees are paid on a trimester basis. The tuition is $1, 500 per term which amounts to $4,500 for the entire academic year. At registration, parents or guardians will be required to sign an agreement which delineates the rules and regulations of the school. A non-refundable registration fee of $125 is due upon the signing of the agreement. In addition, parents will sign the Secondary Honour Code to demonstrate their commitment to ensure that their children demonstrate the kind of behaviour that is becoming of one who is enrolled in a Christian school.


School Notices

Administration News

On November 1, 2011, Dr. H. W. C. Jonas was appointed by the office of the Governor-General of Antigua & Barbuda as a Grand Cross in the Most Precious Order of Princely Heritage (GCH) for his service in the field of education.

Ms. Nadine Smith completed her Master of Education degree (M.Ed.—Teaching & Learning) at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She completed her course of study with High Distinction and a GPA of 4.0.

Secondary News

CXC Performance
We had the Top CXC Student in Antigua and Barbuda in 2009. The student was Ariel Maynard who gained 10 distinctions in the following subject areas – English A & B, Mathematics, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Social Studies, Principles of Accounts & Principles of Business.
In the previous year, 2008, Ariadne Walker gained 10 distinctions.
We had a 100% pass rate in the 2011 sitting of the examination.
This past academic year was the 8th year that the Baptist Academy has entered students for the CXC/CSEC examinations.

Secondary News

CXC Performance
No one has ever failed English A or Mathematics in all eight years.
For the past three years, all the students gained a distinction (Grade 1) in English A. In 2009, all the 11 students submitted gained distinctions in Mathematics. In 2010, all the 13 students submitted also gained distinctions in Mathematics; and in 2011 all but 2 students of our 14 submitted gained a Grade 1 in Mathematics with the two earning a Grade 2.
All 8 students who were submitted for the 2010 CSEC Principles of Accounts Examination received a Grade 1.

Elementary News

Common Entrance Examinations Performance
Over 1,600 students wrote the Common Entrance Examinations in Antigua & Barbuda.
The Baptist Academy submitted 25 candidates.
Of that number, 21 were in the Top One Hundred.
This represents the highest number of all the private and public Elementary schools on the island.
7 students were in the Top Ten.
#1 – Akanii Simon, #3 – Shaunna Archibald & Nicholas Thomas, #5 – Dexter Laurence, #8 – Jenee Henry, #9 – Dejaun Harris, #10 – Galair Prevost

School Calendar Highlights

Annual Sports Day (Secondary & Elementary Divisions) February 10, 2012
Semester Break (Secondary & Elementary Divisions) February 16 – 17, 2012
Fun Day (Pre-School Division) February 17, 2012
Easter Programme
Lower Elementary & Pre-School - April 3, 2012, Secondary & Upper Elementary – April 5, 2012
Baptist Academy Steel Ensemble Presentation April 9, 2012
Easter Vacation (Secondary & Elementary Divisions) April 10 – 13, 2012
Secondary & Elementary Divisions reopen April 16, 2012