Elementary School


  • Ms. Nadine Smith, B.Sc., M.Ed. - Teacher (Grade 6)
  • Ms. Jenee Adams, B.Sc. - Teacher (Music Education)
  • Mrs. Judy Edwards - Teacher (Grade 5)
  • Ms. Nadia Alphonse - Teacher (Grade 4)
  • Ms. Romancia Moore - Teacher (Grade 3)
  • Mrs. Bronwen Blair - Teacher (Grade 2)
  • Mrs. Jo-Ann Paige - Teacher (Grade 1)
  • Ms. Donita James - Teacher (Kindergarten 5)
  • Mr. Rolando Lewis - Teacher (Physical Education),
    Teacher-s Aide (Grade 6)


The goal of the programme is to equip students with a solid academic foundation. The programme is designed to give average students an excellent academic background and to build Christian character. The programme caters for Kindergarten 5 to Grade 6. The school day is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Subjects that are taught during the day are Bible, Reading, Phonics, Language, Poetry, Spelling, Arithmetic, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art and Physical Education. Help Class is held daily. It is designed to help students who are doing below average work in Phonics, Reading, Language and Arithmetic. The programme is designed for students of any race, colour, national and ethnic origin. Also, an essential goal is to lead students to the saving knowledge of Christ and to help them grow spiritually in a relationship with the Lord.


The primary curriculum used in the school is the A-Beka programme. This curriculum is not only scripturally based, but it is founded on the accumulated wisdom of experienced educators/scholars. The programme places an emphasis on the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Bible is the first subject taught daily, and it is the most important half hour of the day. Bible time includes memory verses, prayer time, Bible doctrines, Bible stories, hymns, choruses and patriotic songs.

The programme provides a systematic and well-devised guide to teach Reading. Students are given the foundation for basic reading skills. An intensive phonetic approach is used to enable students to read from Kindergarten 5. The aim of the reading programme is to help students to be independent readers and creative writers. The reading programme is designed to enable students to develop the ability to read with comprehension the written word, evaluate and analy-e and enjoy and appreciate good literature.

The curriculum also teaches students to see that Arithmetic, Language and Spelling are rule governed activities, thus students develop the discipline of thinking, analy-ing and organi-ing.

High academic standards must be maintained by students. For the promotion to the next grade, students must achieve a minimum of a 70% overall average covering the entire academic year. In addition, students must achieve a minimum of 70% average covering the entire academic year in the specific subject areas of Bible, Language/Phonics, Arithmetic, Science and Social Studies.

Both the A-Beka curriculum as well as the curriculum of the Government Ministry of Education are used to prepare students to take the nation's Common Entrance Examinations at the Grade 6 level to enter a private or public secondary school of their choice. Students have the option of continuing in the Secondary Division of the Baptist Academy of Antigua. We consistently have students in the Top One Hundred in the nation. On three occasions in the last five years we have gained the Number One position in the nation. For the last academic year, out of the 1,739 students who wrote the examination in the nation, we had the Number One and Two positions, with two-thirds of our students in the Top One Hundred. Notably, we have maintained 100% passes at the Common Entrance Examinations every year.


The hallmarks of our school are discipline and classroom management. Students are best able to learn in a quiet and disciplined environment. Our teachers aim to have well organi-ed classrooms in which students know and follow clearly defined rules and routines. These factors guarantee students- success. Consistent reward systems for good behaviour and academic achievement are also key tools to motivate students to pursue excellence. In our approach to education, the teacher is central to the classroom, thus we have qualified teachers that teach appropriate classroom habits and procedures that produce an orderly classroom conducive to effective learning. These trained teachers follow the day-by-day lesson plans of the A-Beka curriculum for the entire year. The teachers concentrate daily on presenting the well-tested approach of the A-Beka curriculum in an enthusiastic manner to reach every student. Each day, teachers spend time drilling and reviewing concepts in order to give every student an opportunity to attain excellence. These drilling activities are done in the form of games with colourful teaching aids and charts that help students to have fun while learning.


Although the school follows the semester system for academic purposes, fees are paid on a trimester basis. The tuition is $1, 350 per term which amounts to $4,050 for the entire academic year. At registration, parents or guardians will be required to sign an agreement which delineates the rules and regulations of the school. A non-refundable registration fee of $125 is due upon the signing of the agreement.